X-Ray Scanner

X-Ray Scanner (S60 3rd)

Fake X-ray scanner for your phone


  • Fun for a while
  • 'Scans' hand or head


  • Not very realistic

Not bad

X-Ray Scanner is a fun app for you to prank your friends with. It gives the effect that your phone's camera is able to scan the human body like a real x-ray machine.

After launching X-Ray Scanner you simply hold the phone above the hand of your 'victim' and watch as an x-ray of their appendage is shown on screen, complete with authentic scanning sounds. X-Ray Scanner can even be used to 'scan' the head of the person.

Of course, X-Ray Scanner doesn't really act as a scanner, and only the most gullible or visually impaired people will be fooled by the joke. If your victim starts moving as you're performing your 'scan' then you're in trouble because the image won't change in sync.

X-Ray Scanner is a fun prank to play when it works, but it lacks lasting appeal.

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X-Ray Scanner


X-Ray Scanner (S60 3rd)

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